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How to embed a Shiny app into your blog posts

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Today’s a short blog post. It’s mainly for sharing a cool trick I just learned.

Here’s a simple template to incorporate your Shiny app into an HTML file. For instance, you can incorporate your shiny app into your blog post like I do here. Simply exchange the src argument by your Shiny app’s URL and then you’re good to go. Here, I use the app that I have shown you a couple of months ago.

<iframe src="" data-external="1" width="925px" height="800px">

From what I could tell, this is same code that knitr::include_app() drops. But including the iframe manually let’s you adjust the width and height of your frame. Beware that you will have to choose the dimensions large enough for your Shiny app.

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Albert Rapp
Albert Rapp
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