Hi, I’m Dr. Albert Rapp.

I have a PhD in Mathematics and I'm fascinated by the blend of Data Analytics, Web Development, and Visualization. In my day job I work as a Business Analyst in the field of AI and cloud computing. And in my free time I teach others via LinkedIn, Youtube or my video courses.


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Featured blog posts

My blog offers numerous free tutorials with topics ranging from data visualization and statistics with R to web dev topics with R, JavaScript or Quarto. Here's a selection of my best blog posts. You can find a complete list on my blog.

Data Visualization

Recreating the Storytelling with Data look with ggplot

The SWD is a great look for any visual. With ggplot you can recreate it.


The ultimate beginner’s guide to generalized linear models (GLMs)

Both Poisson and logistic regression are GLMs. I explain the fundamentals.

Web dev/Shiny

How to enhance your Shiny apps with JavaScript (JS)

Every now and then I need to sparkle a little bit of JS into my Shiny apps. This blog post shows you how you can learn to do that.

Web dev/Quarto

The ultimate guide to starting a Quarto blog

This is an in-depth guide on how to start blogging with Quarto. This is also a gate-way drug to web dev.


Writing Versatile Functions with R

Curly-Curly and dot-dot-dot are EXTREMELY powerful concepts in R. Master them to be unstoppable.

Data Visualization

4 Ways to use colors in ggplot more efficiently

Avoid plots that look like a gnome just puked a rainbow. Use colors effectively.

Web dev/Shiny

6 simple Shiny things I have learned from creating a somewhat small app

If you’ve just gotten started with {shiny}, this is the post for you.

Data Visualization

Creating interactive visualizations with {ggiraph}

It is really simple to turn a ggplot into an interactive visualization. In this blog post you’ll learn how to do that with {ggiraph}.

Curriculum Vitae

Albert Rapp

Business Analyst & Educator


German & English


R (esp. Tidyverse)
Git & GitHub
Data Visualization
gt, flextable, reactable

Web Development

R Shiny
HTML & (Tailwind) CSS


Business Analyst, metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

Jan 2024 -
  • AI & ML with Python.
  • Cloud technologies with AWS and Azure
  • Data analysis and visualization with R

Academic Employee, Ulm University

Oct 2018 - Sept 2023
  • Designing and teaching my own data science course with R.
  • Teaching and speaking in front of up to 100 students
  • Creating and proctoring exams

Intern, Actuarial Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

Oct 2017 - Mar 2018
  • Supporting the actuarial audit and examining effects of model changes on the projected MCEV
  • Independent development of Excel-based tools for automated visualization of cashflows

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Aug 2016 - May 2017
  • Employment as part of the double-degree Master's programm between Ulm University and UWM
  • Teaching students and grading their worksheets and exams

Intern, Product Development, neue leben Lebensversicherung AG

Mar 2015 - May 2015
  • Extending existing profit test tools to allow for performing profit tests stochastically
  • Independent development of Excel-based tools for calculating annituies


PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in Mathematics, Ulm University

Apr 2019 - Nov 2023
  • Dissertation title: Long Range Dependence and Non-Parametric Statistical Inference for Infinite-Variance Random Functions
  • Research at the intersection of theoretical probability theory and mathematical statistics

M. Sc. in Mathematics & Management, Ulm University

Nov 2015 - Mar 2019
  • Master's thesis title: Long Range Dependence of Heavy-tailed Stochastic Processes
  • My Master's degree focused on probability theory its application in actuarial science
  • During my studies in Ulm, I've completed the basic knowledge exams of the German Association of Actuaries which is necessary to become an actuary in Germany

M. Sc. in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Aug 2016 - May 2017
  • Master's thesis title: Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Copula-Based Models with Application in Atmospheric Science
  • I've lived in Milwaukee, USA for one year as part of Ulm University's double-degree program
  • The atmosperic science department at UWM was part of the math department and I used that chance to write my Master's thesis in this applied field

B. Sc. in Mathematics & Management, Ulm University

Sept 2012 - Nov 2015
  • Bachelor's thesis title: Der Profit-Test in der Lebensversicherung (The Profit-Test in Life Insurance)


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